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These are the plants that will best purify the air of your home according to a Nasa study. The study was done to understand which plants were better to send to space with astronauts to purify the air inside the Shuttle. NASA STUDY LINK NASA STUDY @ WIKIPEDIA LINK TOP FIVE  : 1 PEACE LILY - SPATHIPHYLLUM ↓ 2 GARDEN MUM - CRISANTEMO ↓ 3 ENGLISH IVY - EDERA ↓ 4 DRACAENA - DRACENA ↓ 5 SNAKE PLANT - SANSEVIERIA ↓ Now choose the plants you prefer and fill your house.In a house full of plants the air will be better and also your mood.In addition, your plants will make you feel in a more natural and relaxing environment. Your eyes will be captured by the tender...

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